CXK32X Automatic screwdriver head processing machine tool



1. Bits head type can be processed: Phillips, Pozi, Torx, Torq, Slotted, Tri-wing, Square, Double-square, Triple-square, Hex and so on.
2. Bits length can be processed: 25mm ~ 65mm.
3. Bits diameter can be processed: 2mm~8mm.
4. The fuselage and main components are high strength cast iron, microstructure stability, ensure the stability of machine tool for long-term use.

5. The carriage in vertical and horizontal direction is driven by high-precision ball screw, which has satisfactory dynamic performance and high positioning accuracy.
6. Form of workpiece clamping: spring collect hydralic tensioning.
7. The automatic feeding rack is avilable.
8. The pre tension precision ball screw drive.
9. The high speed, high precision, high rigidity spindle unit.
10. The intermittent automatic lubrication.

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